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Ok, here goes..... Those personal loans are a scam if you're in my position, main reason is because thay want to know your income, well, I'm waiting on a pension that could be here in as little as 2 months, which means I don't have that info yet, but I need the money. I always have a habit of falling between cracks nobody realizes exist. Also those federal grant programs are scams, I mean really, when you think about it, why do they have to charge YOU for the programs? It seems like they oughtta be able to do the paperwork them selves to cover the cost of the programs for the needy people. But instead they have to charge the needy people, and heaven forbid if someone comes along who can't afford to buy a postage stamp, they would rather see them people starve than send them help. Let's face it, when you're 2 shades this side of being homeless, they don't wanna deal with ya. It makes me regret putting my neck on the line for thier freedom just so they can tell me to piss off.

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